The time for being brave is now. And always has been.

Are you working within marketing? Then chances are you know much more about creating content then we do. But what we do understand is that your work is about creating creative stuff that is all about its quality.

The more reach and frequency you pay for, the more results you get, but at the end of the day, I think we can agree that it’s the content that matters in terms of what the results are and if it was worth paying for that reach. 

Everyday you have to be brave. Brave in terms of believing in your latest campaign, and advocate for a big budget to really create a long lasting effect. Brave in terms of creating that creative, almost disruptive, content that stands out from all noise.

But also be brave and accept that we as humans have a hard time to do predictions based on statistics by ourself. More reading about that can you learn in our earlier blogpost “humans are only experts after the fact”.

Todays complexity

As we see it, getting a better understanding of your strategic efforts and having a more insight driven and proactive way of working around your marketing activities, have maybe never been more important. 

But being proactive and try to connect marketing online and offline with delayed effects to metrics like these examples below. All of them are very hard for your human brain to handle all by itself:

  • Sales
  • NPS score
  • App downloads
  • Brand Awareness
  • Footfall
  • Cashflow
  • Profit

It’s just too complex!

So what can we do about this together?

What we think is that we can support your bravery and help you convince those who don’t understand the quality in your campaigns or the creativity behind the content you want to target your audience with. 

We love the quantitative stuff. Quality won’t be quantitated easily, but the quantitative measurements that can be made as part of the campaigns can help you tell the story.

What our service does is that we can neutralize sales figures from all other variables and isolate the effect from a campaign. In the same way we can predict the effect on a campaign based on the selection of marketing channels, reach and frequency. 

We can even optimize the campaign for these variables for the best possible ROI. Online it can all be personalized to increase the relevance for everyone in the audience. In short, what you get out of our predictive services for marketing is:

  • Immediate insights
  • Continuous recommendations
  • A more proactive way of making strategic decisions
  • Optimized budget
  • Increase in profit, revenue

However, all the creative and qualitative work is still all yours. If you beat our predictions – you know you did well on your campaign in terms of its content and breaking through the noise.

Book a meeting with us and we can show you more!

//Jacob Kihlbaum, Founder & CEO – Binary Brains