With Binary Brains you will be able to predict your future demand with our customized algorithms building on your and third party historical data while improving day by day.


We offer predictive modules as a service. Easy and cost-efficient for you.


HOW? This module predict the number of visitors and sales per physical store and for each country on your e-commerce. The predictions are build based on over 100 variables we know from experience affect consumer bahaviour, such as weather, events, holidays, marketing etc.

WHY? To optimize scheduling of staff to increase service level and/or decrease cost. Also used to automte budgeting and save administrative costs.


HOW? This module predict sales on a product or category-level and per store. We also offer predictions on new products.

WHY? To optimize assortment for each store and online, to avoid stock-out, to optimize logistics and procurement, and to pick up on trends.


HOW? This module is based on your historical marketing and campaign data to isolate the effect on sales from your campaigns.

WHY? To test, elaborate and optimize future marketing camaigns and also under- stand how campagins affect other products (halo- and cannibalization effects).

Our platform has an end-to-end focus which means that anyone in the organisation can under- stand and act based on our predictions and triggers. Our platform is valuable for store managers as well as for the marketing department, e-commer- ce-department and top management to make strategic and proactive decisions based on our predictions.

We’d love to meet to understand your needs better and show you what our platform could do for you and your business.